Go-To-Market Strategy

The Need

A data analytics company had created a product designed to help small CPA firms and sole
practitioners differentiate themselves in the market place and compete effectively for new clients. The
company targeted large CPA firms as a growth opportunity.

The Challenge

The company lacked deep insight into the large CPA firm segment of the profession. It
struggled to create a compelling value proposition for these firms, and the company discovered that the
sales approach used on small firms was poorly suited to consultative, relationship-oriented approach
necessary for the largest firms in the profession.

The Solution

The company engaged us to develop a go-to-market strategy for large CPA firms. We
created a market analysis to focus the company’s efforts on the segments of the market that held the
most potential for growth. We helped the company’s team leader revise the company’s sales processes
and created resources and supporting tools to help sales reps implement that process. Working with the
company’s marketing team, we created message points for each market sub segment and a calendar of
marketing and communications campaigns.

The Result

It is still too early to evaluate the results of this effort, but our expectation is that ultimately we
will be successful in helping the company meet its sales goals.