Design Commercial Audit Methodology platform

The Need

A publisher and provider of software solutions to the accounting profession offered a cloudbased
audit methodology platform that had managed to capture only a small share of the market. When
the auditing standards setters released a comprehensive suite of new auditing standards, the company
saw an opportunity to completely redesign its offering and take advantage of the market disruption that
would result from the implementation of the new standards. Speed to market was critical in order to
coordinate the release of the new product with the effective date of the new standards.

The Challenge

The company lacked in-house expertise on audit methodology. Recruiting and managing
a group of subject matter experts to provide that expertise was difficult if not impossible. The standards
were new and a significant departure from existing standards the pool of subject matter experts was very

The Solution

Michael Ramos had worked closely with the auditing standards setters to write the
authoritative guide on implementing the new standards. Because of his in-depth knowledge of
requirements of the standards and creativity in how to make them operational, the company engaged him
to lead the new product development effort, supervising an external team of auditors and working closely
with in-house product developers.

The Result

An on-time product launch of a product that was significantly more competitive than the
company’s existing platform. Accounting Today awarded the product a “Top New Product,” and it
continues to find success in the marketplace.