Re-design e-Learning Development Process

The Need

A commercial provider of continuing education courses for the accounting profession identified
an emerging accounting trend that would drive long-term demand of an in-depth series of self study
training courses. In order to capture market share the company needed to get to market quickly.

The Challenge

Initial efforts to create the envisioned training product were unsuccessful. The subject
matter was so complex and diverse the business had difficulty finding and securing the commitment from
a sufficient number of subject matter experts necessary to create content. The e-learning vendor chosen
to develop the courses produced beta versions of inconsistent quality that frequently failed to engage the
learner or achieve learning objectives. The costs of production were high, reducing projected margins
and ROI.

The Solution

We were engaged to lead the project, and we successfully organized and managed a team
of 8 in-house professionals and 40 external subject matter experts. Under our direction, the team created
storyboards and e-learning templates to accelerate the content development; we managed the in-house
production of all course materials. Leveraging our knowledge of the accounting profession, we designed
a go-to-market strategy and worked with the company’s marketing team to implement the strategy and
successfully launch the product.

The Result

The successful launch of a high margin, on-line learning program that generated profit in
excess of $1 million in the first year. The business model for the development and launch of the product
was later replicated to create a product line targeted at different verticals within the profession.