Nano-Learning Business Case

The Need

The Chief Learning Officer of a Top 10 accounting firm saw the need for a library of short, online job support training modules. Her goal was to provide contextualized learning on technical matters that had been the highly scrutinized by peer reviewers and regulators.

The Challenge

Firm leaders resisted making the investment to build a job support library citing specific
risks that could limit wide usage as well as a hesitancy to invest in learning that did not result in continuing education credit.

The Solution

We created a business case to enable the CLO to build support for the initiative among
key stakeholders. The business case included strategies for for driving usage and mitigating other development and implementation risks. It leveraged emerging continuingg education standards on nanolearning and provided a framework for measuring ROI.

The Result

A clear pathway for a pilot test and subsequent full adoption of a library of nano-learning job support resources.