Partner and Manager Training

The Need

A top 25 accounting firm needed to provide advanced audit and accounting training to its
parents and senior managers. The nature of the content and learning objectives led senior leadership to
conclude that the training should be delivered in-person by the firm’s most experienced technical experts.
The Challenge

Create and deliver highly technical auditing and accounting live seminar training across
more than two dozen offices in the southeastern US. Use in-house experts to develop and deliver the
training, but limit their time commitment to minimize impact on the delivery of services to clients.

The Solution

Our practical understanding of technical auditing and accounting subjects allowed us to perform
much of the legwork and technical research necessary to prepare high quality draft training materials.
Working with firm subject matter experts we were able to rapidly finalize the materials, ensuring both
their technical accuracy and learning effectiveness. Through the integration of multi-media learning
objectives, we were able to bring the insight and experiences of the firm’s most experienced partners to
professionals across the entire firm.

The Result

A high quality learning event, with a long shelf life. Cost effective development process
limited the involvement of senior partner time.