Building a Learning Organization

The Need

Emerging leaders at a top 100 accounting firm wanted to restructure the firm’s learning organization to consistently deliver high value learning events that expanded firmwide competencies.

The Challenge

The initial challenge was that these emerging leaders had a vision for the learning function but had not been able to clarify the strategies and tactics needed to realize the vision. That clarity was essential—first of all to obtain the support of the firm’s existing senior stakeholders, and then to put in place the detailed processes and procedures to implement the training program itself.

The Solution 

We facilitated a two-day retreat and strategic planning session focused on how to build the future learning function. Stakeholder support was secured, paving the way to move forward to implementation. To that end, we subsequently worked with the steering group to develop two key implementation tools:

  1. A well-defined corporate governance structure describing infrastructure, decision-making protocols, and roles and responsibilities.
  2. A prioritized, scheduled list of initiatives and activities necessary to pave the way for program implementation.

The Results

The stakeholders are united in their support for the future of the learning academy. Coordinated, tactical preparation activities are well underway and the program is on schedule to roll out in 2016.